Portable Eye Washer P100, 16-Gallons, Portable Type Eye Washer


  • Weight 10.5 kg
  • Portable Eye washer P100
  • Self-contained 9-gallon gravity flow eyewash unit uses gravity to deliver water through dual spray heads. Delivers over six gallons (26L) of water for 15minutes
  • Tank: 16 gallon capacity safety yellow polyethylene tank, handles on top and side for easy handling.
  • Operation: Water flow is activated by pulling down the yellow eyewash tray. Integral full flow nozzles deliver soft spray of water.
  • Drain: Wastewater is directed into the drain opening in tank basin, 3ft long drain hose in basin directs discharge into a floor drain storage tank, or other receptors.
  • Mounting: Stainless steel bracket for a mounting unit on the wall.
  • Discharge time: 15 minutes (minimum) at the flow rate of 1.5L/minute (minimum).


EN 15154-4:2009

Dimensions 55 × 52.5 × 60 in

Colors Green

Origin China

Material Polyethylene (HDPE)

Packing – Carton 1 Piece


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