Gorilla Cut 5 – Nitrile SL


HDPE fibers in the lining ensures excellent cut resistance with reduced thinness for good dexterity.

Palm coated with polyurethane.

Excellent mechanical resistance and durability + Flexibility.

Ergonomic design for comfortable fit.

Knit wrist cuff with breathable back.


Handling small, sharp-edged items, abrasive materials etc.

Assembly of dry components, electrical components etc.

Photo labs

Automotive industry.

Metal Fabrication.

Binding color:Yellow Size: 8/M

Binding color:Brown Size: 9/L

Binding color:Black Size: 10/XL


4X44C, CAT II, EN388:2016, EN420:2003, A1:2009, CE

Weight 8.70 kg

Dimensions 29 × 40 × 42 in

Colors Grey / Black

Material Nitrile, Polyurethane

Origin Sri Lanka

Packing – Packet 1 Dozen

Packing – Carton 10 Dozen


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