Eye Washer GI-S100, Eye Washer & Safety Shower, Galvanized Steel


  • Eye Washer GI-S100
  • Controlled, low velocity flow and uninterruptible water supply at 3gpm
  • Shower can provide 76L of water per minute
  • Eye washer unit deliver 11.5L of water per minute
  • Valve actuator are easy to locate readily accessible to user
  • Handsfree stay open valve activate within one second
  • Shower Head: 8″ diameter head.
  • Shower Valve: 1″ IPS Stainless Steel ball valve.
  • Eye Wash Valve: 1/2″ IPS Stainless Steel ball stay-open ball valve.
  • Eye Wash Bowl: 11-1/2″ diameter ABS plastic bowl.
  • Supply: 1-1/4″ NPT female inlet.
  • Waste: 1-1/4″ NPT female outlet.
  • Spray Head Assembly: Two spray heads, each head has a dust cover, internal flow control, and filter to remove impurities from water flow.
  • Pipe and Fittings: Schedule 1-1/4″,1″ 1/2″ galvanized steel.


EN 15154-1:2006, EN 15154-2:2006

Weight 17.5 kg

Dimensions 91 × 41 × 30 in

Colors Green, Yellow

Material Galvanized Steel

Origin China

Packing – Carton 1 Piece


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